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Joyroom JR - A16 Wireless Charger Quick Charging QI Protocol

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Joyroom JR - A16 Wireless Charger Quick Charging QI Protocol

Main Features:
●FOD metal foreign object detection function to prevent abnormal charging of equipment, resulting in safety hazards
●3mm charging sensing distance, the mobile phone is charged with the charging, the sensor is sensitive and quickly charged, and it is free from the trouble of loading and unloading the mobile phone case
●Wireless fast charge 3.0, the whole process of refrigeration is not hot, not hot, does not hurt the machine
●Automatically power off after fully charged, protect the battery and extend battery life
● The surface cover design of tempered glass is noble and not fragile
● Support Samsung, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and other mobile phones with QI receiver phone, wireless charging does not wait

Input: 9V / 2A 5V / 2A
Output: 9V / 2A 5V / 2A
Adapter: 5V / 2A or QC3.0 Fire Bull 9V / 2A

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