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Anti Spy Privacy Tempered Glass For iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus

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When you are scanning some secret information by cellphone, usually you don't want others to see it. This anti-peeping protective glass is specially designed for this demand.
The material of the protective glass can effectively protect others from peeping your information, and it can also let you see the screen clearly.
The optically-correct, hard surface resists scratches and abrasions to keep your cellphone looking great for years.
It has also been precisely cut to provide perfect fitting invisibly protect your device. With this anti-peeping screen protector, you can use your cellphone safer.

- Material: Tempered Glass
- Offers tough and durable surface while keeping the LCD screen clean
- Made of high-quality material that is very lightweight and impact resistant
- Anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and anti-slip
- It provides great security at 45 degree viewing angle

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